When Trey met Antelope Greg, Again (caption contest)

August 21, 2012 by TreyAntipasta

Antelope Greg recently went to his 666th Phish show. Referring to it as his ‘devil show’, he ran into Trey outside the venue. The following ensued:

In the comments below, give a better title for this video. Best one wins a Phish pin.

Congrats to @telaesquandolas who won with her caption “Once Again, Phish Lead Vocalist Regrets Brush with Fans”


  1. GBOTT says:

    Trey hesitantly confronts his long time Stalker.

  2. nipper jellie says:

    hands for trey

  3. suzy's neurologist says:

    The dark prince takes many forms…

  4. Phishysarah says:

    “oh it’s you? I was hoping for more chicks in the front row”

  5. BIlly says:

    “How to pretend to care: the Trey Way”

  6. Me says:

    “Trey…thanks for comin'”

  7. Ry Gar says:

    Yeah, yeah Greg just keep feeding me your $ and we’ll continue to take the stage.

  8. chris says:

    “Bieber thought he had too many guy fans”

  9. Trey says:

    I want 13 seconds of my life back

  10. CM18254 says:

    Trey: Can you use some of your dance space masking tape and put it over your mouth?

  11. shady says:

    “Soooooo…you’re the fuck that puts tape on the floor to mark your dance space. I hear that you’re a real asshole” – Trey

  12. abab says:

    Fuck Greg. I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

  13. jerry-fan says:

    “666 shows, huh? n00b.”

  14. pancakesmcfunk says:

    Really?!?! Only 666 ?…because it seems more like A MILLION! Go home, Greg.

  15. Stephen says:

    “I want to wear your skin”

  16. Mandy says:

    My dick has been in the front row 666 times… But I’m really a chick. No worries Trey….

  17. teena iannuzelli says:

    Once Again, Phish Lead Vocalist Regrets Brush with Fans

  18. caroline cooley says:

    LopeG meets Trey, asks for Sand (because that’s a rarity), Trey immediately retreats to bus for hand sanitizer & to alert security detail of stalker.

  19. OTBYWB says:

    Trey, honestly, I would have dropped to my knees and blown you, but my arthritis is really acting up.

  20. nors says:

    Seriously, all Phish phans need to get together and do something about this guy. I recommend that Trey gets a Temporary Restraining Order TRO

  21. Cousins says:

    Last recorded conversation of famed guitarist Trey Anastasio, before his final oxycontin relaps. According to twitter, Mr. Anastasio claimed support from his friends, family, and fans were simply not enough to deal with the “crazy, drug induced, tour rats with silly lot names”.

  22. VTWookiee says:

    Dude, you know how to count? Wow… that’s a job skill.

  23. STEVE says:

    I find it funny how Trey blows Greg off. I am by no means friendly with the dude but in earlier years Trey would have been asking where the fuck have you been. When Trey had a raging habit Greg was one of many tour kids who would cruise the seedy parts of town after shows to make sure they had what they needed to give to a dossier to get back stage. I one hundred percent witnessed a dude being asked what he had to offer tonight to get back to the party. I was backstage at Utah in 2003 and had someone tell one of the inner circle I had the best blow on tour. I did but wasn’t going to give it up for the offer of “you can come back stage and party, just toss some lines out” I was backstage but wasn’t “backstage” (the next room were antelope Greg and others were it was an open drug atmosphere. I asked said dude to pay me like everyone else and he was Icompletely offened. Well by Deer Creek that tour they must have been sick of doing bullshit blow because on shakedown night one I was asked to come “backstage” so they could purchase blow and Trey was near by talking with Antelope Greg. I know people will call bull shit and I understand but I’m not saying I ever saw band member doing drugs but that tour at least their was a lot more mouths or shall I say drug habits than four dudes. This I believe you all know to be true. I was an idiot for swinging drugs on tour but am open about my old days of how I got from show to show. The “crew” I dealt with got my number and were great custies through IT. I still see one or three of them at shows and usually get the “eyes” from them asking me if I have the goods. I actually likes these guys so last summer in Raleigh did them a favor and got what they wanted and they gave me cash and incredible seats for Portsmouth and they took my number again. Called me during this summer tour a few times but I wasn’t at the shows they were looking to cope at. I’m just saying many dudes like Greg were actually super into doing those guys favors and being told the drugs weds going to the boys. I guess so they were stoked about not having cash to get to next show because they gave their work to Phish crew. Greg was one of the top “go fetters” for the crew and think he asked to be around Trey and they needed him to get Big Red his juice. I’m just glad Trey is blowing him off and stating away from dudes who try to hang onto being “backstage” and continues his soberity. I too have gone sober in the sense I know longer swing at shows and because of that see them a lot less but lime Trey enjoy them more.

  24. Gumbo72203 says:

    Yeah, this is kind of sad, actually. Antelope Greg got busted for holding the band’s drugs sometime around 97 or 98; I can’t recall.

    This is really shitty on the part of Antelope Greg, unless he’s cleaned himself up. Its like Trey running into an old enabler, someone who Trey could GO TO JAIL for associating with.

    I get the humor, but I value Trey’s sobriety more than this joke is worth.

  25. gunnar says:

    Trey: why aren’t any phans named after the new songs

  26. JP says:

    Phish Guitarist Fears for Sobriety After Fan Threatens 666 Hex”

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