Twiddle Releases PLUMP, The Best Twiddle Album of 2015

December 11, 2015 by admin1

We here at The Phunion™ have listened to a lot of music, seen a lot of shows, been to all the cool festivals and sniffed the best drugs a trust fund can afford. Occasionally, we find some music we detest (most of it) and let the world know it, but then we find some really great music and insist on fluffing that music ad infinitum.

What a surprise it would seem when we came across a copy of Twiddle’s ‘PLUMP’, cranked the Bose, took a dab of some Bread Loaf and we were off and running. The boys and my girl and I listened to ‘PLUMP’ all the way through three times before we could put words together. When we were finally able to piece our lives together, the inspired music and lyrics flowed through us – we spoke Twiddle, the language of Mihali, the Great One.


One thing about the album – so what if it rhymes with ‘Trump’, big deal! We don’t think that’s a drawback. It’s just funny, but nothing about this album is funny. It’s an emotional powerhouse, song after song of pure talent refined like maple syrup drawn from the sap of a mighty Vermont pine.

“Complacent Race” and “Amydst the Mist” jump out and demonstrating Mihali’s rhyming skills so well you wonder when he’ll put out his first rap album. That’s soon right? One can only hope.

An early contender for best pe/\k is when Mihali goes up the scale with his vocals, builds it up and hits that top note and you just #melt. “Lost in the Cold” is one of those tracks that just sticks in your head and you cannot get it out no matter what don’t even both trying its there for good. Thankfully, he takes all your pain.

Realistically, “Five” should be “One”, as in the first track on the album – clearly this is the best track. Todd Stoops certainly adds something to this and man its good! “We are lost when we are found” – if that’s not the most profound lyric from a jamband, then boy man god shit we don’t know what is.

“Syncopated Healing” is clearly the catchiest song on the album, and it cures any problems your life may have presented you with lately. Mihali shreds while spitting hot fire for 4:36.

One must admit, the amount of pe/\king on this album is really incredible. All throughout, you can feel the pe/\ks coming and when the pe/\ks hit, you are truly pe/\ked. Without this album, one may never have known how to truly pe/\k in the presence of such talent. Truly, this album is a preparatory excursion into the world of pe/\k.

Whoa, oh oh OH “Polluted Beauty” is awesome. We saw a really sick version this summer at Bonnaroo. Or maybe it was High Sierra? Or Red Rocks? IDK…. Twiddle has been everywhere and anywhere and they are truly ready to bust out and put Vermont on the musical map!

Props to the final track, “White Light”, a truly uplifting end to the album. ‘PLUMP’ took off full blast from the ground up on the first notes of “Complacent Race”, and landed here, basking in the light. So fitting.

It would have been nice to hear “Box” or “Apples” or even “Jamflowman” make this album. We’re new #realfans of Twiddle, so who knows if they’re on the old albums – this is the PLUMP Era. Nothing else before this should be considered for the supreme creation that it is. PLUMP is PERFECT.

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