Top 10 Rejected Phish NYE Gags

December 27, 2015 by RobertPalmerPlore

Phish New Years is a tough time for the band. How do they top last year’s New Year’s gag? Simple – they come up with a list and figure out which one sucks the least. Below is the 2015 list of rejected Phish New Years gags. Phish.news_

10. Theme: “Mike Gordon’s Punch Out” – Mike faces off against each band member and knocks them out, ending the show with Mike singing “Mock Song” into 2016. Mike Gordon Band then plays a 40 minute “Ether” for the remainder of the set.

9. The band spells out “Blaze On” using only Great White songs.

8. #realfans are selected to hear Gamehendge performed in the Theater at Madison Square Garden, second set features notable Phish cover band “Phix.”

7. Theme: Taylor Swift “Welcome to New York” with Page on vocals; Fishman is dressed up like the Statue of Liberty.

6. Gordo films “Magic Mike 3” wearing just his bass and a scarf.

5. Phish plays Twiddle’s “Plump” in its entirety.

4. Theme: “Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan” with Clif Bars dropped from the ceiling and the audience sprayed with Cold Green Tea.

3. Phish stuffs Antelope Greg into the cannon from Miami 2014 NYE and shoots him onto Twiddle tour.

2. Reenactment of Eagles of Death Metal, Live at Bataclan.

1. Something with Fluffhead.

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