The Phunion meets a Bieber fan

December 5, 2012 by TreyAntipasta

The Phunion recently went to see Justin Bieber in concert at MSG, and while we didn’t get to hang out with Trey or Dan Kanter, we DID get to meet a Bieber fan and interviewed them about the new relationship with Bieber and Phish.

The Phunion: So do you like Phish now?

Biebs #1 Fan: What are you talking about? I hate fish. It tastes fishy. I like chicken fingers. With ketchup.

The Phunion: No, the band. The ones that Kanter teases in some of the songs?

Biebs #1 Fan: Seriously, what are you talking about? I’m not supposed to talk to strangers. Why are you even at this concert? You’re old. Go away before I call my mom.

The Phunion: So you won’t be going to Phish shows this summer?

Biebs #1 Fan: Like at the aquarium? That sounds like something a stupid 10 year old would do. I’m 13. I’ll be at the pool, not watching stupid fish swim around. Maybe you should cut your hair and get a girlfriend. You look like the after picture from DARE class.

Needless to say, Bieber’s fans won’t be going on tour and don’t judge us, ya little shit.


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