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  1. Video: Warren Haynes Opens For Trey Anastasio Band on ‘Conan’

    October 27, 2015 by RobertPalmerPlore

    Real Fans are very excited for November the 2nd. On that afternoon, Trey Anastasio and his gang of above average musicians will storm the Warner Bros. Lot in beautiful Burbank California. There they plan to play one of the Dad Rock songs off the Ginger Jedi’s latest waste of a vinyl press, Paper Wheels. With at least one D level website sucking Trey’s midlife crisis jams like it was James Deen’s cock, this TV performance will be the most talked about TBS appearance since Page McConnell was seen rooting the Mets in the playoffs earlier this month.


    Always one to help out a fellow ginger looking to go solo; Anastasio hand-picked Warren Haynes to open up his highly anticipated Conan performance with a choice cut from his latest album. Sadly for Haynes, not only did Anastasio replace him in the Grateful Dead, he also allegedly put several stipulations upon the beloved southern man. Not only did Haynes have to play a week before Anastasio, he also was not allowed to dine at the Poquito Mas located across the way from Conan’s sound stage. While we can’t confirm if Haynes was forced to head off lot for lunch, we can share his performance of Is It Me Or You? down below.

  2. Warren Haynes Hologram to Sit-in with Warren Haynes at Christmas Jam

    December 13, 2013 by TreyAntipasta

    Christmas Jam is proud to announce that for this year’s installment, held in Asheville, North Carolina over Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th , a hologram of Warren Haynes will be a featured guest throughout the night, allowing Haynes to be on stage, in one form or another, throughout the night’s. With performances from Widespread Panic, Phil Lesh, John Scofield and Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, among many others, Haynes will be able to add his signature guitar sound and vocal howl to every band. While Haynes is accustomed to taking breaks in between sitting in with most bands, his own hologram, rumored to be the first of its kind for a living musician, will cover these breaks and allow Warren Haynes Christmas Jam to embrace its name more than ever before.


    Real or hologram Warren? Find out at Christmas Jam!

    “This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, especially since this is the 25th annual Christmas Jam,” said Haynes. “It just seemed like the right time to debut the hologram and allow me a chance to sit in with everyone without draining myself, but also now I won’t feel bad for not sitting in with a handful of people. I can’t possibly sit in with everyone. The hologram is the great equalizer here.”

    One act that has yet to be announced, but will be closing out the night, close to 1am Sunday morning, will be the Warren Haynes Super Christmas Jam. Featuring members of Widespread Panic, Phil Lesh, Grace Potter, Count M’Butu and Col. Bruce Hampton, Warren Haynes will perform select classic rock tunes with the supergroup, including a duet of “White Horses” with Hologram Warren, followed by 10 minutes of trading licks and playing over each other.

    “I saw them practicing together and it was the closest to seeing God as I will even get,” said Gregg Allman. “I fully expect Colonel Bruce’s head to explode on stage when he sees not one but TWO Warrens. It is going to be some shit!”

    Hologram Jerry was unavailable for comment, due to the hologram company’s priorities being very messed up.


    Hologram or real Warren? Find out at Christmas Jam!

  3. Warren Haynes Announces Inaugural ‘President’s Jam’

    December 6, 2012 by RobertPalmerPlore

    Having already curated the highly successful Christmas Jam and Mountain Jam, Warren Haynes is about to throw his weight behind another festival.

    President’s Jam is set for February 16th at Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C. In addition to performances by Gov’t Mule the following artists are confirmed for the day long show:

    The Dead Presidents

    Animals As Leaders

    Presidents of the United States of America

    A special comedy set by former Presidential candidate Rosanne Barr

    There will also be a super jam where Questlove, Michael Kang and Dave Schools perform a thirty minute take on the Misfits classic ‘Bullet.’

    When asked about the event, the roadie that looks like Warren Haynes said ‘We debated getting German Eurodance sensations Mr. President to reunite for the show, but we figured we would save them for year two.”

    Ticket information and additional artists are expected to be announced in the next few weeks.