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  1. Watch The Stunning YouTube Video On Lettuce From The Upcoming Mockumentary ‘Lettuce Play’

    October 28, 2015 by RobertPalmerPlore

    There’s no denying that Lettuce is one of the freshest produce products around town. The plant continues to evolve and grow as they power on with their pursuit of putting on some of the funkiest meal time performances.


    Fortunately, fans will have a new means to go up close and personal with the main ingredient of salad in November 2015. LettucePlay, a totally bullshit documentary not produced by The Phunion, follows life for a head of lettuce inside of a kitchen. The 35-minute film merges footage from various angles including the knife used to chop right through the head. Filmed over a six-hour period, the footage chronicles the mechanics of using a kitchen knife and the artistry behind making a fucking salad. Viewers will get an in-depth diagnosis of the lettuce, because who doesn’t love a good salad?

    Check out the trailer for LettucePlay, which stars Olivia Saez, right here:

    Here is where you can catch Lettuce in the new few months:

    Your Garden
    Whole Foods
    Hell, you can even get funky with Lettuce at Taco Bell