Snoe.down a Haven for Designated Drivers

March 30, 2011 by TreyAntipasta

After the success of the 5th snoe.down in Rutland and Killington, Vermont, members of Jamband moe. announced their pleasure after a successful weekend of music, skiing and sober driving across The Green Mountains of Vermont.

“We developed Snoe.down to target the minorities of our fanbase, the designated drivers and the winter sports athletes,” said Al Schnier, moe.’s guitarist and longtime designated driver. Moe.rons were enthusiastic for the weekend’s festivities, although recent statistics from the Saranac Institute show that only 5% of moe.rons actually ski. Furthermore, only 10% of their fans stay sober in order to provide rides home for the other 90%. With the towns of Rutland & Killington roughly 30 minutes from each other, and longer if there is heavy traffic, designated drivers and other moe.rons were in a unique position. “We just felt that most festivals on the Jamband circuit don’t give designated drivers the opportunity to showcase their talents on the freeway,” said Schnier, “Snoe.Down gives cautious & safe drivers a chance to be everyday heroes.

“While the drive is winding and lengthy, traversing the two towns can be difficult for even the lightly buzzed, so the designated drivers are left to transport the faithful from town to town for each part of the festival. “Driving and weaving through the Green Mountains is a true test of a drivers grit,” noted Al; “I was hoping for some heavier snowfall, ya know, to make things really interesting. But you can only ask for so much. Distance and endurance driving is a feature of Snoe.down and we are proud to be the only festival offering that during the winter months in the Northeast.” “The facts are there,” said Schnier, “After they’ve driven hours to get there…Some people want to do some more driving.”

Manager Jon Topper thought it went well and looks forward to Snoe.down 2012. “With proper promotion, we can possibly set the record for biggest car pool caravan. We can make it happen moe.rons” Bassist Rob Derhak mentioned, “We’ve actually discussed changing the name to ‘Designated Driver.Down’, but the cost for the extra ink and printing costs outweighed the benefits. Plus, its wordy as fuck.” Realizing he had just swore in front of his children, again, Rob expressed dismay and broke into Brent Black.

Fans were quick to share their concerns about the distance between stages. “I never made it to the sets in Killington,” said Janine Schmidt. “I tried walking but I think that side stage is pretty far away or somethin’.” “Our friend drove us to Killington and back,” said Mary Sharper, “We tried to have a little sesh in the back seat of the car. And our friend was like ‘I’m sober! there’s no smoking weed in my car! I have to take a drug test at work this week!'” moe. looks forward to continuing their annual tradition of Snoe.down in Rutland/Killington, Vermont and hope to expand the festival with venues set up throughout the state of Vermont, New Hampshire, Western Massachusetts and portions of Upstate New York, creating the largest festival, by radius, throughout the world. 2,000 people are expected to show up, though, not all in the same location at any given time over the weekend.

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