Phish’s new album to feature Darius Rucker on the Entire Album

April 1, 2013 by TreyAntipasta

An unexpected addition to Phish’s studio album was announced this week with Darius Rucker, aka Hootie of Hootie and the Blowfish, was added to the studio session. Apparently a long time fan, Darius paid for the studio time and flew the band to Charleston, SC for an intense week of song writing and recording. While Phish has been mum on the session, the track listing for the album has been leaked below, bearing a strong resemblance to 1994’s Cracked Rear View


1)  Hannah Sweet Jane
2)  Hold My Hand Up
3)  Let Her Cry Baby Cry
4)  Only Wanna Be With You Enjoy Myself
5)  Running With The Devil (8-6-98) or Running Like An Angelope
6)  I’m Going To The Old Home Place
7) Drowned
8) Time, Why You Wanna Turn Elastic?
9) Walk Away
10) Not Even The Silent Trees
11) Goodbye Times Bad Times

The album, so far named Hootie and the BlowPhish will release their first single “Time, Why You Wanna Turn Elastic?”, on June 18th to anyone who will pay for this likely shitshow in advance.  One bonus track, “Sometimes I feel Like An Ooh Child”, will be released to every 30th pre-order.

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