Phish Halloween 2013: The Case for Scary Monster & Nice Sprites

October 31, 2013 by RobertPalmerPlore

Yes, we once again plan to italicize the fact we 100% stole this idea from Relix, and yes we once again will set up pretty hyperlinks so you can read our cases for Kill ‘Em All, Hot Fuss, and No Doy.


As we touched on in our case for Hot Fuss, Phish has kept things conservative and old school with their past musical costumes. JEMP marketing research not made public but leaked to us from a source that asked to remain anonymous has indicated that kids in dorms today no longer trade Phish tapes. The research went onto share that the average college sophomore would rather trade EDM files instead.

With Phish fans getting older, the band is in desperate need of some youth interjection. What better way to do that then drop the Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites EP by Skrillex on Atlantic City. Who doesn’t love Scary Monsters on Halloween? Using a mix of their traditional instruments and the boom box that drowned out that legendary Blackwood Convention gig back in 1983, Phish could once again catapult themselves into the dorm rooms of America with a ferocious cover of this modern day classic.


Why They Might Do It: If the set up above is not reason enough, how about the potential of injecting some new life into a musical outfit who has never feared trying new things? Not including remixes, Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites is four tracks spanning roughly 14 minutes in length. Clearly The Phish From Vermont will use songs like “Rock n Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain)” as vessels of lengthy improvised explorations of the legendary brown note, but look for “Kill Everybody” to be the true standout moment of the night. An ample opportunity to show the world that vacuum solos were the original dubstep bass drop, look for Fishman to have a field day with this uplifting ditty.

Why They Probably Won’t Do It: It’s fucking Skrillex.

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