Phish Halloween 2013: The Case For No Doy

October 30, 2013 by RobertPalmerPlore

Since we have yet to get a cease and desist from Relix for stealing their idea and making cases for Halloween Records Phish will never fucking cover, we have another one for you to dissect. Having already made cases for Kill ‘Em All and Hot Fuss, this time out we look at No Doy by moe.

no doy

From Portland to Portland, jam band fans have complained for years that Phish does not jam long enough, and that moe. jams are way too long. Thankfully with moe. taking Halloween 2013 off in order to pick up extra shifts at this McDonalds location, Phish may very well open the door for a revenue sharing program for jam bands similar to the one Major League Baseball has when they cover the 1996 classic No Doy.

Clocking in at nearly 60 minutes, No Doy received a 3 out of 5 star rating from All Music. The first major label release from the upstate New York band can now be found in the bargain bin of one of the 183 used record stores left in North America. While moe. never made a music video for any of the albums songs, tracks like “Moth”, “Buster”, and “Spine of a Dog” are still played by the band at undersold club gigs across American, Europe, and sometimes Japan.

moe potato

Why They Might Do It: In addition to the fact that this would be the first time these songs have been heard by a large audience since moe. opened for Robert Plant back in 2002, the nine tracks found on No Doy are built for jams. With the recent visit to Glens Falls now in the rear view, Phish once again wants to stretch well into the morning of November 1st, what better way than playing the same 28 minute jam over and over again just like moe. has for nearly 25 years? Another great thing about this album – imagine how pumped Mr. Miner will be when he writes 10,000 words on Mike Gordon nailing the beefy vocals of fellow bassist Rob Derhak on “Bring You Down”? Another added bonus is this will be the first time The Baby’s Mouth hears the music of moe., and there is a very good chance they max out their parents credit cards following the band in 2014.

Why They Probably Won’t Do It: The biggest thing going against Phish covering No Doy for Halloween is the jam band Illuminati. With moe.rons keeping track of how many times Chuck has kicked Al’s ass on stage night after night, they simply can’t allow for Trey Anastasio to show both of them up with his Ocelot guitar. Another issue with this album is the fact that it contains the worst take of “St. Augustine” released by moe. and Fishman would die of embarrassment from having to recreate the lackluster beats of Chris Mazur.

We also worry that Philadelphia Eagles fans who make the trek to Atlantic City may take offense to the album’s final track Four. With the sting of watching their dog killing quarterback piss away another season, Eagles fans are almost as sensitive to jokes about themselves as Phish fans are. The last thing we need is a fight at a show. That shit only happens at Widespread Panic shows.

Editor’s Note: Typically we would leave a YouTube link to the album here. However, no one has actually uploaded No Doy to YouTube, so here is five minutes of pointless banter from a past show.


  1. mo says:

    you are such a useless piece of crap. phish sucks, and so do you. signed, moe.ron

  2. moe ron says:

    I don’t know, mo. Perhaps it is because it was 3:55 am, but as a middle aged guy present at hundreds of shows from both bands, I feel like it is a bit presumptuous to call the author “a useless piece of crap” (unless you know him personally, of course). Further, saying that Phish sucks is just disingenuous if you are a fan of improvisational jam bands at all, and arguably if you are fan of music in general. You may not like them, but to say that they suck is not a neutral assessment. That’s like saying AC/DC is a shitty rock and roll band. It’s just not true, whether you like their music or not. In closing, I find the lack of capitol letters in your comment displeasing. For the record, I like moe. more. But Phish is a musically technically proficient giant, and they have done more for jam bands in 25 years than The Dead did in almost 50. And I am a huge fan of The Dead. I would be mind fucked out of this galaxy if Phish did moe. for a Halloween show. I think it would be a show of respect. Word.

  3. Marcos Esquandolas says:

    Come on!!!!! moe. jams too long??? Why is it Phans only listen to Phish? This is such a bias article. Let me guess, you saw moe. once on way too much acid and you still cant seem to figure out if you should capitalize the next word after typing their name. And then you go on to mock DS?!?! Spend a little less time archiving midget porn and phish and maybe, just maybe, you can open yourself to different music besides Phish. Your Muse playlist does not count. phmoe. lover for lyfe!!!!

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