Phish Fans “Occupy” Red Light Managements West Coast Offices

March 12, 2012 by RobertPalmerPlore

Dozens of male Phish fans gathered outside of Red Light Managements Los Angeles office on Sunday 03/11/12 to protest the unfair and unjust distribution of the bands tour dates. Dubbing themselves #OccupyRedLight the phans marched from the sold out Trey Anastasio concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and have started to camp outside of the corporate offices. Their goal is a simple reminder to Coran Capshaw that Phish does indeed have phans on the west coast.

“This is pure class warfare” said 22 year old Phish fan Timmy Tucker. “Like I am hearing three nights at the Bill Graham Civic and two nights in Eugene for late summer. What kind of horse shit is that? Tiny venues means all the east coast snobs fly in for vacation to a part of the world that doesn’t totally fucking suck. You stay in Jersey and upstate you fat pigs, let us have our shows.”

Earlier in the day there was some confusion outside of The Borderline in London. It was believed that an #OccupyRedLight London operation was forming but as it turns out it’s just four dudes waiting for the March 18th Mike Gordon concert. When asked the lack of Phish tour dates for their continent and a possible #OccupyRedLight movement, 29 year old Steve Greta said the following.

“Ahhhhh I think that is a mighty fine idea. I’d much rather see Phish close the Olympics instead of Blur”

Coran Capshaw and Red Light Management were unavailable for comment. Story Developing…

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  1. Taishi says:

    I totally agree that they slouhdn’t have skipped Undermind, especially for newbies, since a lot of that stuff seems more accessible . I know many people just discount Phish outright, but never really listen to their music. There were a bunch of people at our wedding who fit into that category, but when the song Undermind was played (we had a great DJ company that specializes in non-pop and very customized playlists no friggin’ Hokey Pokey or Electric Slide for us!) they were all up dancing.Also, agreed that Bouncin’ from A Live One is a great choice for newbies.

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