Phish fans kick off new year in usual fashion: Bitching about the band they love

January 16, 2012 by TreyAntipasta

As routine as the swallows returning to San Capistrano, Phish fans began 2012 in expected fashion – complaining about New Years and bitching about what they didn’t like. Already well known for loving the band to great lenghts, Phish fans sometimes cannot shut the fuck up when expectations aren’t met, are exceeded, or even when they get everything they want. Such is the conundrum of Phish fans.

“The shows were fun and I loved seeing my friends, but the music was, well, lacking,” was one of many comments from fans following the four-night stand at Madison Square Garden that culminated in a New Years Eve show with a gag that centered around the song ‘Steam’. However, this did not satisfy fans in different ways, leading to complaints from all sides. A sampling of comments from message boards and Twitter:

“Why Steam? Fuck that song!”
“I can’t believe they played Alaska and Velvet Sea AFTER midnight. WTF?”
“Who the fuck was that chick in the air?”
“Where the hell was Reba?”
“Did they forget to jam?”
“Why didn’t they play something for 20 minutes?!”
“This song selection sucks!”
“Why aren’t they playing what I want them to play?”
“Another Possum. FML.”

A well thought out remark or two was found, but rare. Nearly all discussions about New Years were ended with “But I still love this band”, showing that love was not lost and Phish fans have plenty of opinions about every single thing Phish does.

A spokesman for Phish responds to fan reaction with the following statement from the band:

Statement from Phish on New Years Run to the Fans: “What? What? WHAT?”

Individual band statements were issued as well :

Trey: “What?”
Page: “WhAt?”
Fish: “wHAT?”
and Mike: “(Cowbell noise)”

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