Phish announces the least secretive New Years Run in their History

October 3, 2012 by TreyAntipasta

On October 2nd around 4pm EST, Phish announced to the world what was already pretty obvious to the rest of us: Phish will be playing Madison Square Garden on December 28-31, 2012, ringing in the New Year as they have for three years in a row. With few other options on the table, Phish went with the obvious and let everyone figure it out by process of elimination, as venue after venue was booked on the east coast.


When asked why there was no unique video for this NYE run, Phish’s spokesman, Jon Fishman, remarked “Well, after those fun videos this summer, we just gave up. All that effort and all those takes were just too much. I got intro training shape for those other videos, had to drink that nasty shake 5 separate times, and wound up losing only a few pounds – and that was after the second set on the second night of Dick’s! So yeah, no video. What’re ya gonna do?”

Jim James of My Morning Jacket was able to subtly break the news to Andy Greene of Rolling Stone, way back in May. Greene tweeted

Said Fishman “We keep all this stuff so under the radar, and then this happens. Sometimes a I really wonder, What’s the Use?” Fishman then quickly replied “No, that wasn’t a song reference either. But we are trying to come up with a killer NYE gag this year. I have been pushing to not use the hot dog, but I feel bad for the fries and shake, they’ve been neglected way too long. Whatever it is, I’ll find out about it the traditional way, when I get there that night.”

Another issue that hasn’t been on the radar has been the replacement ushers at MSG. These non-union workers have crossed the proverbial picket line yet can’t seem to figure out MSG without the lower bowl walk around. If the replacement refs have taught us anything, these replacement ushers will likely send floor seats into the 100 section, put section 213 in 312 and vice versa, and escort people to The Disco Biscuits show in the Theater at MSG.

Thankfully, a contract dispute with Trey was resolved, as Replacement Trey did not know how to ripcord.

Fishman did note that Sean Avery of the New York Rangers sent the band a letter, saying “Enjoy MSG since we won’t be using it this year.”

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