Phil Lesh: “I Think I’m Hitting My Stride With These Donor Raps”

March 15, 2011 by TreyAntipasta

Bassist Phil Lesh from The Grateful Dead and Furthur reportedly is excited that his donor raps have been so consistent over the past decade that he is looking into improvising his speech supporting organ donation. “My life was saved because a kid told his parents, ‘If anything happens to me, I want to be an organ donor’, but who is this kid and why does the donor rap only have to be a minute long? I think some elaborate story telling is in order.”

Lesh hopes to work the Donor Rap into future sets, removing it from its pre-encore position. A rumored The Other One-> Donor Rap-> Mountains of the Moon is in the works, with a change to Althea’s lyrics coming in the form of a car accident where Althea donates her liver to a bass player.


  1. dan hoppock says:

    Hey Phil. Give the fucking donor rap a fucking break! Becoming a donor is a personal choice. It should not be influenced by some money grubbing asshole bass player who fans idolize. Jerry always firmly believed that the band should not be used as a platform to sway their fans opinions on anything other than the music. You discredit his legacy by forcing your opinions on the dead fans on political issues (ie that asshole Obama) and the issue of organ donors. Why don’t you let your fans know how much it costs to BUY a liver. Cause that’s what you fucking did. No one who abused alcohol and drugs the way you did could ever be eligible for a liver transplant unless they paid big bucks for it. Mickey was wrong when he said you got the liver of a jerk. YOU ARE THE JERK

  2. jerry c says:

    Great points Dan, I agree fully. But I guess I can see Phils’ side also. The donor rap can get awkward with 20,000 people tripping. I’d imagine most fans in their 20’s don’t even have insurance. Just a Box of Livers!

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