PEW Research Reveals First Ever Phish Tickets by Mail Results Prediction

March 4, 2011 by TreyAntipasta

The PEW Research group has announced today the predicted results of the latest Phish Tickets by Mail (PTBM) will result in a few happy fans and many fans not as happy.

Using a series of benchmark indicators, PEW predicted that out of an estimated 10,000 PTBM requests, only 1,000 will be fulfilled to a few lucky fans liking while the other 9,000 submissions will provide fewer than expected or potentially zero tickets. Lead researcher George Henderson noted ‘a flurry of panic that will set in from coast to coast should be expected to last until everyone gets their tickets.’ Early reports from PEW indicate that ‘Yes, everyone WILL get in, provided they stay cool and don’t panic. Everyone gets in. Just be cool, alright?’

Noting the need for Phish tickets in the upcoming and all important Summer Tour Leg 1, Gretchen Palmer explained how she was always shut out of PTBM and had to try for them online the next weekend. “Dude, I never get hooked up by PTBM, ever! I have to try online and be lucky if i can get ONE ticket. It sucks.” When asked how many shows she went to in 2010, Gretchen replied, “25 or so.”

While some fans may not get their tickets through Mail Order for Phish, there are reportedly still a large number of tickets still available for Zooma Tour.

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