Page appears in San Francisco with teardrop tattoo

August 16, 2012 by TreyAntipasta

With Phish continuing their tour at Bill Graham Memorial Auditorium from August 15th-17th, the band took to see the sights of San Francisco on their off day. Trey and his family went to Fisherman’s Wharf, Mike went scarf shopping in Union Square while Fishman took his clan to Golden Gate Park. Page on the other hand, known for his affinity to enjoy a delicious sandwich was not seen anywhere near Pal’s Takeaway but rather was seen brooding about Hunter’s Point, wearing a tattered leather jacket, torn jeans and an unkept beard. But what was most noticeable about Page was not his new shirt, but his new tattoo – a teardrop under his right eye.

Fans who spotted Page walked up to him to say hi were ignored, as Page stood looking out across the San Francisco Bay, deep in thought and unaware that fans were trying to talk to him. Some fans noticed the tattoo and wondered if it was a joke, a bit of dirt or something else, but as fans inched closer, it was clear that it was a teardrop tattoo, symbolic of having killed someone.

When asked by a fan about his tattoo, Page stared coldly into their eyes and said softly, yet sternly “Snitches get stitches”, turned his balding head and walked away.

At press time, McConnell is not a suspect in any unsolved cases. Yet.

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