Original Dick’s Picks just pics of Dick’s dick

July 27, 2012 by TreyAntipasta

When Hank Harrison donated his personal Grateful Dead collection to the Grateful Dead archives at UC Santa Cruz, no one expected to come across old photos of Dick Latvala’s penis, the original Dick’s Pics.

Dick with his pics

“Well, the pictures are definitely the first of their kind, noted by the grainy images and that’s definitely Jerry in the background,” observed resident archivist Jeff Murphy. “Why his penis is out and Jerry is in the picture is a mystery we may never solve.”

Dick at home

While Harrison’s collection contains tapes, interviews, recordings and other documents, the pictures found in a folder labeled ‘Original Dick’s Pics’ are both surprising as they are revealing of Dick Latvala’s other major project. More than 40 pictures were found in the Harrison collection, hidden among folders that contained original lyrics and poetry. “These were not meant to see the light of day for some time. Even though Dick passed away in 1999, it seems as though he wanted his legacy to live on,” opined Murphy, who added “and what a legacy this is. DAMN. Have you seen Dick’s Pics #9? It’s like a car accident – you cant stop staring at it, and I’m not even gay!”

Latvala reportedly used a 1970 Canonflex to take many of the pictures over time, which had setlists scribbled on the back of them. “Maybe he didnt realize it, but he had to! This is a mind boggling development in the annals of Grateful Dead history” noted Murphy.

The pictures will go on display once a frame big enough can be acquired. They will go along side a current display of Phil Lesh’s first liver and Brent Mydland’s beard.

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