NYE Comparisons: Phish and Bisco in the same building

December 19, 2012 by TreyAntipasta

In a little more than a week, Phish will start their four night run at Madison Square Garden. While this event has occurred five times before, the difference this year is that The Disco Biscuits will be playing in the Theater at MSG, downstairs from the main room. The staff at The Phunion, in the interest of keeping the fans of both bands informed and educated, have put together a short comparison of the fan bases that will, for once, intermingle on the holiest of live music nights, New Years Eve.


Phish Fans: Hippies, 30-somethings and a few Wooks

Bisco Kids: Lots and Lots of kidz, Wooks and Mahldogs


Weapon of Choice

Phish Fans: Glowsticks

Bisco Kids: Flat Brims


In between songs

Phish Fans: Check Twitter

Bisco Kidz: Check on their lot dogs



Preferred setbreak

Phish Fans: Bathroom, Water, Relax, Rest up for second set

Bisco Kidz: Take a quick K-hole power nap, drink just enough water to stay hydrated & not pass out


When the show is over

Phish Fans: Carried out on a musical high

Bisco Kidz: Carried out on stretchers.

Musical High1

Celebrity Connection

Phish Fans: The ghost of Peter Jennings always spends New Years with The Phish

Bisco Kidz: Lindsey Lohan flips out during ‘And the Ladies were the rest of the night”, punches Barber.

Happy New Years from all of us at The Phunion! Hugs, Trey Antipasta, Cactus Jack, Robert Palmer Plore and Page’s Mistress



  1. A says:

    I’ve seen way more stretchers and abused dogs at Phish shows. Spot on with setbreak, though!

  2. Benjamin Adams says:

    I fucking love your guises website, it really could be awesome with disco and phish playing in the same place… or it could be the worst thing that’s ever happened and most likely senario number 2 isis

  3. WonderSpunion says:

    At Phish shows: Trey pisses in your ear.
    At Biscuits shows: kidzzz poop on the floor… in the pit!

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