Nitrous Mafia to Debut iPhone App

April 10, 2011 by TreyAntipasta

With demand for nitrous rising with each festival season, The Nitrous Mafia is planning to make its product more accessible to customers through their own App, tentatively titled’Ice Cold Fatties’.

Available for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Droid smartphones, ‘Ice Cold Fatties’ will provide up to date location at each Phish show, Widespread Panic show and music festival throughout the country. Pull up the App and you can find out where the Nitrous Mafia is set up outside of a concert. As a bonus, ‘Ice Cold Fatties’ is currently in Beta testing for a delivery service whereby you can order balloons to be delivered to your car or campsite at no extra charge. This will be available at select summer festivals, although not Camp Bisco and Gathering of the Vibes.

The price for the App is $20 and the cost for each order through the Beta delivery service will be 3 for $20. There will be no deals.

Another delivery from The Nitrous Mafia

While centered in the Northeast, through the App, the Nitrous Mafia expects to expand from current hubs in Providence, RI and Philadelphia, PA into the midwest and eventually, the west coast. Chuck Fist, spokesman for the Nitrous Mafia noted that locations are being scouted for the growing nitrous market that has become a $3 Billion dollar industry and has secured its first Washington lobbyist from K Street. “We really think we have a good chance to expand our market and get our product out to consumers. We have a tentative base in Indianapolis, which provides access to the markets of Chicago, Cincinnatti, Louisville and in a pinch, Detroit, although we are having a hard time finding workers to set foot in that town. Shits crazy there man”

While the Nitrous Mafia is branching out throughout the country and via phone Apps, there are unconfirmed reports that the Nitrous Mafia will soon allow credit card billing of nitrous. Cards will be charged via

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