moe.down to feature Phish DVD as main act

April 9, 2012 by TreyAntipasta

With attendance dwindling in recent years, moe. has made the bold move to include in their initial artist announcement that they will feature a full three hours of Phish via DVD. “Live in Utica is the natural selection since it is so close to where we started and where I call home,” said guitarist Al Schneir, “We have some great live acts and we are psyched to have Phish performing at moe.down 13, even if it’s just a DVD.”

Fans will be treated to the famed ‘Guyutica’ show, as well as Umphrey’s McGee and local musicians Timbre Coup and Aqueous. There are also rumors that every moe. side project possible will be there, including Al & the Transamericans, Floodwood, Ha Ha the Moose and yolK, making for a thin lineup, but the ‘presence’ of Phish is expected to fill the gaps. Manager John Topper declined comment on adding current acts, as past moe.downs have done for over a decade.

Saranac will also be returning to moe.down, selling their fine beer. This year they plan to use Dixie cups to serve their Adirondack Amber and try not to break out laughing when they charge $5 per beer.

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