moe. asks … What Happened to the La La’s?

January 25, 2012 by pages mistress

On the newest moe. album set for release on January 24th, 2012, moe. asks “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LA LAs?”. And one has to wonder what did happen to the LA LAs? They certainly weren’t at moe.down as attendance for the annual festival now in Mohawk, NY was down significantly from previous years. Are they still in Turin, NY? Are they in Rutland, VT waiting for the cancelled Snoe.down 2012? Or are they back on Phish tour? They certainly can’t be seen at a Disco Biscuits show since they aren’t currently touring.

Maybe the “LA LAs” represent lyrics to a song. Why you ask? Because I have to believe that Rob Derhak can come up with better lyrics than the chorus on the song Darkness. “La, la, la, lalala. La, La, La, Lalala. La, La, La, Lalalaaaaaa.” So maybe the new album will contain better lyrics then the “LA LAs” on Sticks and Stones or the “OkayAlright” on Wormwood. Who knows? The album tracks do include the long awaited “The Bones of Lazarus” and new fan favorite “Haze”; that’s definitely a good start. It’s also produced by John Travis who has worked with acts like Sugar Ray, Kid Rock, and Social Distortion. So maybe what happened to the LA LAs was John Travis asked moe. to write better lyrics.

While it remains a mystery of what happened to the LA LAs at least we have a sense that moe. is wondering the same thing as its fans. The question I have is will we find the answer on the new album? Hopefully the answer is yes.

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