Michael Phelps planning to swim with the Phish?

August 13, 2012 by TreyAntipasta

Update 8/14/12, 2:12pm: Phelps was prepared and ready to go when Ryan Lochte called up to say that his interest faded away at the last minute. Reports indicate that Lochte is now looking to catch a few Dave Matthews Band shows, and possibly an O.A.R. show or two.

Sources inside the Olympic Village tell The Phunion that swimming champion Michael Phelps has been eagerly anticipating going on Phish tour once he returns home to America. Despite a rumored trip to The Maldives with his bros, Phelps instead is looking to vacation with his modelĀ girlfriend Megan Rossee. With Megan living in Los Angeles, the hot rumor is that Phelps will fly home to the Baltimore area for a couple days, then head out west to see Rossee, checking out The Phish from Vermont in Long Beach, California, before driving up the coast to catch the first of three nights of Phish at Bill Graham Memorial Auditorium.

Friends are calling it a ‘celebration tour’, but instead of stopping at pools, he’ll be stopping at music venues scattered across California, the southeast, midwest and Colorado, all to see the legendary band Phish perform show 13 shows over the span of 19 days.

The initial plan for summer tour seems to involve bringing Ryan Lochte along, with Lochte planning and preparing alongside Phelps, listening to shows together, planning out their travel route and getting their tickets in order. Phelps and Lochte seem made for doing a tour together and can enjoy a few weeks of relaxation, fun and dancing at these Phish shows, if the rumor proves to be true.


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