Michael Franti to Enter Medical School

June 5, 2012 by TreyAntipasta

Now, he will certainly try

After years of repeatedly asking crowds at his live performances, ‘How You Feelin’?’, Michael Franti, world music artist will be entering medical school to become Dr. Michael Franti.

“Yes, yes, all good things will come from being in medical school. The righteousness of healing, the dignity of bringing hope to the sick and the joy of improving the quality of life will lead to more love and peace to the world,” said Franti in a statement regarding his departure for the University of California at San Francisco, where he attended school as an undergraduate.

He'll look like this, just with a stethoscope and sleeves, and probably the dreads tucked away

Franti’s initial premonition came after a marathon set at Mountain Jam, where he asked the crowd a record 105 times in 90 minutes ‘How You Feelin’?’, “and when I left the stage, I had the thought ‘Why don’t I find out how to help people feel better, rather than just asking them?’ and from there, my decision was made.”

Franti notes that he will start out in medical school likely making sure that his classmates are feeling good each day before delving into gross anatomy.

Dr. Franti plans to perform shows on the road and assist injured fans on stage during special ‘medical sets’ at select festivals nationwide.

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