Medeski, Martin and Wood set to open up improvisational law firm

October 12, 2011 by TreyAntipasta

Jazz/Improv trio Medeski, Martin and Wood announced that they will be taking a break from the road in order to pursue a unique side project of starting their own law firm.

As drummer Billy Martin noted in the September issue of Relix Magazine, “I like the sincerity of of [our eventual name] even if it does sound like a law firm.” Thus, a mere weeks later, the trio are taking the idea seriously and taking time off the road in 2012 to get their firm staffed and to start a legal tour de force by late that summer.

John Medeski, keyboardist for MMW shared with The Phunion the bands plans for the coming years. “We’ll do a little criminal law, some divorce work, then mix things up halfway through a case later some constitutional law cases. Martin noted that his eagerness was genuine “I’ve been waiting my whole life to jam out in front of the Supreme Court. I know Clarence Thomas can’t sit stonefaced through our funk.”

While Chris Wood will take an active part in the law firm of Medeski, Martin
and Wood, he will have a side practice with his brother Chris Wood.

They will specialize in family law.

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