Marc Brownstein: Just Once I Want To Play A Bluegrass Number With The Disco Biscuits

March 28, 2011 by TreyAntipasta

In a move that shocked many electronic fans and the entire Headcount staff, Marc Brownstein, bassist for The Disco Biscuits went on record in favor of moving into the previously unexplored realm of bluegrass.

“Bill Monroe is the Godfather of Bluegrass and its high time The Disco Biscuits played ‘Blue Moon of Kentucky’ the way it was meant to be played: for 30 minutes and with multiple teases of Tony Rice songs. And lasers. Lots of lasers.” Brownie later added: ‘Whaaaaaattuuuuupppp?’

Multiple segues have been developed, including Hot Air Balloon->Foggy Mountain Breakdown->Svenghali, My Little Georgia Rose->Shelby Rose, and a monster Shem Rah Boo->Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms, both of which will remain unfinished.

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