Learn The Phish Alphabet with The Phunion!

September 20, 2012 by TreyAntipasta

A is for Antelope Greg. A is also for Asshole.

B is for Big Balls.

C is for Charlottesville naked guy.

D is for Dicks. Because we all love Dicks.

E is for Esther. Bitch got what was coming to her.

F is for Fuck Your Face. Yes, YOUR face.

G for Greg. As in Antelope Greg, who is still an asshole.

H is for Hells Angels.

I is for Icculus, because he wrote the fucking book.

J is for JEMP cause who wants a Phish Blu-Ray release anyway?

K is for Ketamine. K is also for K-hole, because what the fuck did you think would happen when you took a horse tranquilizer?

L is for Let Me Lie. This is now the fourth Let Me Lie version released.

M is for Marley who won’t stop barking and is ruining the AUD from ’88 we’re listening to.

N is for Nitrous Mafia. Admit it, you’ve gassed a balloon after a show.

O is for Ocelot. O is also for Overplayed.

P is for, um … ah fuck it. We’ve got nothing for P.

Q is for Quadriphonic Toppling, naturally.

R is for Riker’s Mailbox, both the obscure track off Hoist and the Phish cover band inSt. Louis. We’ve heard good things.


T is for Thank you.

U is for Umphrey’s McGee, who started out as a Phish cover band.

V is for Vultures, but in a shocking upset Them Crooked Vultures came in with a higher cool factor than the Phish song.

W is for Wook, even though we wish it wasn’t.

X is for Xeyed and Painless which is actually spelled Crosseyed and Painless. Learn to spell you fucking wooks.

Y is for You Enjoy Art Photos.

Z is for Zimple, Zpock’s Brain, Ztorage Jam and Zand.


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