Kids who sang background vocals on Junta demand royalties

April 25, 2012 by TreyAntipasta

An unexpected outcome of Record Store Day 2012, the children who were featured in the background vocals of the song ‘Contact’ on Phish’s debut album Juntahave filed a class action lawsuit against Phish for royalties. Fresh off the release of the album on vinyl and costing between $50-80 a piece, the kids are looking for their percent of the sales, commensurate with their portion on Contact.

“We were recruited by Phish to sing ‘the tires are the things on the car that make contact with the road’ and we did so many takes and got nothing. Not even free tickets to a future show, no ice cream, none of those balloons they had blowing up off that tank,” complained former child-singer Melody Blaine, now 29. “We got gypped so we are looking for our cut of the sales, and when you are charging $50 fucking bucks for an album, you know damn well they have a few extra bucks to cover our share.” “Seriously, FIFTY FUCKING DOLLARS! How many new shirts does Page need?” According to the children’s lawyer, Harvey Granderson, the total amount sought works out to $2,680,000, or $134,000 for each of the 20 children who sang backup vocals. “Phish made a big error in not getting these kids to sign in crayon on the dotted line when they were 5 or 6 years old. And now they will pay.” The children, now grown up and some with kids of their own, sang outside the Phish offices in Burlington the chorus to ‘Contact’, but to no avail. Calls placed to Phish’s management were not returned. Worse still, a number of the singers went back to their car and were bummed when they found out it had been towed.


  1. Johnnay says:

    That is ridiculous. I hate these people that think they are entitled to monies that other people earned. So what, you sang a line a couple time and it went on an album. Can’t you live with the fact that you are actually on the album? Does Melody think that we all bought the album because of the kids singing on one of the 14 tracks? Maybe your parents should have thought that through a little better back in the day. It’s not Page’s fault you work at McDonald’s Melody. Page, Trey, Mike and Fish have been busting their ass for years to bring us great music, you spent one day singing a song when you were 5 or 6. Get off your ass and make your own money. I hope you and the other 19 kids don’t get one red cent.

  2. Ted Hightide says:

    What do you expect from The Phish? I found out just how dangerous they were, from this article:

    “They use an enigmatic code when exchanging ideas on the internet, but the word Occupy is clearly decipherable even when they type it out in hippie shorthand as Oh Kee Pa (as in “Oh Kee Pa Wall Street”). Other terms common here are: Garden (an event, like the Muslim’s use of “wedding” to describe an assault), Controls for Smilers (LSD mushrooms), Ginger (Allah), Weekapaug (Arabic for “hideout”), Mmgamoio (the mumbling noise a Phishhead makes when stoned on ganja), Mangoes (oral sex), Leave it on Press (blow up someone’s mind), Mr. Palmer (a double agent) and Wilson (a wise and powerful enemy).”

    Beware The Phish! And if you have The Phish tickets in your possession, I beg you, *PLEASE* don’t attend the shows! In fact, I’m researching material for a new book on The Phish and the shadowy Wilson who apparently manipulates them, and I need to go incognito. I will therefore take any of your tickets to The Phish off your hands, and I promise not to bother you again with them! You needn’t even pay me — I will do this because I want to HELP!

  3. carrie says:

    I hope they get reimbursed for their work on the album. I’m not thinking they deserve that much money, per say, but they do deserve money for their contribution.

  4. seamus thirsty o'malley says:

    You people are tools

  5. 5 Years Laer Guy says:

    Are people this . . . yes, they are. “I must never read the comments under as story. I must never read the comments under a story. I must never read . . . “

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