Kang: I Coined The Phrase ‘Kangfirmed’

March 2, 2011 by TreyAntipasta

The root of the Internet phrase ‘Kangfirmed’ was discovered this Monday when Michael Kang, member of String Cheese Incident, came forth to report that he had originated the name of the Internet phrase popular among jamband-fans that is used to denote when something is ‘more than confirmed’ or ‘oh it is SO confirmed’.

Kang was a member of Phantasy Tour, a website devoted to community interactions that leave the user humiliated yet addicted to the site. In September 2001, under the username ‘nershilover420’, Kang leaked the dates of upcoming shows for The Fillmore Auditorium in Denver in March of 2002. Fans would not believe him even though he said it was ‘Confirmed’ and later ‘CONFIRMED’, so Kang had to take it a step further. “I was a bit pissed, since I was a member of this community online and no one was taking me seriously, mocking me nonstop, telling me to SIIHB and KYS, so I had to throw some cred out there and dropped my name, figuring no one would know it was me.”

Kang told detractors that these dates were “Kangfirmed”, which brought an aire of respect and admiration for ‘nershilover420’ and the word took off. “I didn’t venture back to the site much after that because we were on tour and all, then before Bonnaroo I had some downtime and looked online and ‘Kangfirmed’ waseverywhere! I was flattered, in a way, but knowing I came up with it kinda lessens the achievement part for me.”

Kang was not one to smile or be joyful: “I’m gonna die not being known as the mandolin player but as a word that a few thousand people throw out there to confirm something. Kang replaced Con? Is that even possible?”

It can be presumed that when Kang does expire, his death will be Kangfirmed to the EOTO power on Phantasy Tour.

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