Jeff Holdsworth totally loving life

December 18, 2011 by TreyAntipasta

For Phish fans who were wondering, Jeff Holdsworth is doing fine and totally loving life. Emerging from the relative obscurity of life as a computer engineer, Holdsworth sat down with Trey Antipasta from The Phunion to talk about what life is like, 25 years after leaving the band he founded, Phish.

“I can’t complain, I have my family, my health. Plus I get to play in a jazz trio every Wednesday night downtown at a martini bar, although they sometimes turn my amp down.”

When not working or playing guitar, Jeff has no remorse on leaving Phish, a band that went on to have huge national touring success. “Look, I get $50 every time they play Possum and $75 everytime they play Camel Walk. So in case you missed the last few tours, I’m doing very well thank you very much.”

Added Holdsworth, “Finally gonna put a pool in. Aboveground.”

Co-workers did not seem to be aware that Holdsworth was one of the founders of Phish. “He talks about it, but we figured he was just talking out his ass, about being in Phish. One day we looked it up and by god, there it is – Jeff playing with Trey. We had no idea.”

When the interview resumed, Jeff showed a photo of Trey and him from 1985 photo at UVM. He then silently stared at the photo for 3 minutes, alternating between emotions – first smiling, then a tear, then a look of frustration before turning back to the interview.

“Where were we? Oh right, well, I have my trio to look forward to each week and if fans were to stop down and check it out, that would be pretty sweet. And in case anyone else is reading, I ‘try’ to keep my calendar pretty open.”

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