Gourds Sue Phish For Claiming Cover Of ‘Gin And Juice’ As Their Own

March 14, 2011 by TreyAntipasta

Texan bluegrassers The Gourds recently filed suit against Phish today in response to the consistent labeling and attachment of their famed cover of Snoop Dog’s ‘Gin and Juice’ that has given Phish the credit and The Gourds none.

Saying from his parent’s basement, Gourds lead singer Kevin Russell was upset saying “that song was our one chance to break out of this Texan hellhole of playing bars, strip clubs and football game pep rallies. We play it but people tell us that its not our song. Well dammit it is!”

When informed that Phish doesn’t claim this to be their own, Russell reportedly bashed his mandolin, took to Limewire to show proof that it was all their fault, then crumpled on the floor crying, sippin on gin, as the money for juice had been spent.

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