From ‘The Sandwich Files’ of Page McConnell: Sugar Shack was originally called Sandwich Shack

April 25, 2011 by TreyAntipasta


Changing the image of the reunited band’s JOY album that was released in 2009, Page McConnell confirmed today that the song Sugar Shack which is credited to bandmate Mike Gordon was initially written by McConnell as the deli-ode Sandwich Shack.

Page said, “I brought it to the band, we went over it for a few weeks and finally we just scrapped it. Mike then revised it to be Sugar Shack and got Fish and Trey behind it; After that, I just couldn’t keep my name on it.”











Lyrics that were reported to have changed were “Boiling heat, maple steam, frozen snow, then it flows’ were originally “Curing pastrami, maple butter, fresh rye bread, I can eat till I’m dead” and “Run through pale dark woods to that sugar shack” originally written as “Run through pale dark woods to that sandwich shack”

No word yet from Trey if Time Turns Elastic was actually intended to be a song for fans to use as a bathroom/beer/food break.

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