Exclusive interview with Justin Bieber on his first Phish show!

August 23, 2012 by TreyAntipasta

In an exclusive interview with The Phunion, Justin Bieber, aka Biebs (as our staff has started calling him) sat down to share his thoughts after his first Phish show and plans to go to more shows!

Trey Antipasta: So, what did you think of your first Phish show?

Biebs: (said like the line from “Rock and Roll”) “It was allllright”

TA: So you like “Rock and Roll” huh?

Biebs: Yeah man, Phish can write some tunes.

TA: It’s actually written by Lou Reed.

Biebs: Oh cool.

TA: Anyways, what was it like meeting Phish?

Biebs: Well, it was cool, we hung for a few, talked shop, how tough it is to keep 19 year olds away from you. In my case, girls, in Phish’s case, dudes. Man there were a lot of dudes there. Glad I brought Selena with me or else there’d be no eye candy for me. But yeah,  it was cool, they asked me to sit in on “Lifeboy”?. The lyrics looked cool and had some deep meaning about God. I can dig that ya know?

TA: Why didn’t you play it with Phish?

Biebs: They had a sign on the stage that said ‘You must be 72 inches or taller to take the stage’

TA: Bummer. Well, what’s next for you and Phish?

Biebs: Well, I’m trying to score Oak Mountain tickets, then I’m flying into Denver for the show at Dick’s on Saturday night, with Selena of course, she’s into them too. I can’t go to their New Years Eve show because I’m playing New York City too. But maybe I’ll leave after my set and sit on Dan Kanter’s shoulders during the show.

TA: Dan recently talked to Relix Magazine about you. What do you think about that?

Biebs: Kanter’s cool. Dude introduced me to Phish, he can enjoy a little fame, ya know?

TA: Did you get offered anything in Long Beach at the show?

Biebs: A lot of folks asked me if I wanted shards, and I was like ‘um, no, that’s glass’. I smelled the pot but was content with my Vitamin Water.

TA: At the next couple shows, do you plan to sell veggie burritos out of your new Fisker?

Biebs: Nah, I plan to sell Mr. Miner’s book at a discount price. Shit is dope. Plus, I came up with some shirts I made, $15 each. Find me on lot at Oak Mountain and Dick’s with them!



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