Brian Wilson Has A Few Choice Words For Phish

June 11, 2012 by RobertPalmerPlore

Phish and Kenny Rogers best be careful because according to the guy who sleeps behind the Chipotle in beautiful Burbank California has shared with The Phunion that they have really pissed off some rock royalty.

As everyone from Burlington to Houston now knows, Kenny Rogers joined Phish this past weekend at Bonnaroo for a wonderful rendition of The Gambler. But according to our source (the guy who sleeps behind the Chipotle in beautiful Burbank California) Brian Wilson is furious over the fact Phish didn’t invite him on stage to drool through a performance of Help Me, Rhonda>Harry Hood.

Wilson was rumored to slur the following comment:

“Those ginger hippie fucks snubbed me at Bridge School back in 1998 and then they did it again last night at Bonnaroo. I’m a fucking Beach Boy. I outlived Dennis and Carl. Do you really think we wanted to play some dirty Tennessee farm at 3:00 in the afternoon? I only signed on to play with the Phish and they snubbed me. God Only Knows what I will do when I find Mike Gordon and use one of his scarves as a weapon.”

It should be pointed out that Wilson made his first appearance at the 1999 edition of Bridge School, a year after Phish graced the annual Northern California benefit concert. When The Phunion reached out to Phish about the possible threat, we were told they could not be reached for comment due to the fact they were practicing Down With Disease, Possum, Funky Bitch, Axilla, Cavern and all three sections of Harry Hood for their upcoming three day run at Bader Field in Atlantic City, NJ.



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  1. mike says:

    suck sand Brian Wilson. You suck

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