Be Prepared: A Phish Heads Guide To The Walt Disney Concert Hall

February 23, 2012 by RobertPalmerPlore

By the time the Ginger Jedi known as Trey Anastasio walks onto the stage of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, it will have been 371 days since the Phish front man has last blessed the West Coast with a solo appearance.  Fortunate for us phans in the Pacific Time Zone, Mr. Anastasio will be joined by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Typically reserved for socialites and not wooks, we have put together a quick list of tips for the Walt Disney Concert Hall in order to maximize your experience.

5) The Lot Scene: Walt Disney Concert Hall features plenty of underground parking for the low, low price of $9. With limited security, there is no reason us phans shouldn’t have this place hot boxed by 6:30.
4) The Lobby Scene: Too smokey in the parking lot for you? Have no fear the Walt Disney Concert Hall has a wonderful lobby where eating and drinking is encouraged. Come early; bring your vegan snacks and a six pack of your favorite microbrew.
3) $100 Bills: The staff at the Walt Disney Concert Hall takes their job very seriously. If they see as much as a cell phone out, they will swoop down upon you and yell at you. Knowing that this will make long respected Phish traditions like taping, nitrous and live tweeting difficult it is best that you bring Benjamin Franklin with you to keep your local usher far away.
2) The Acoustics: The Walt Disney Concert Hall was built for music. The sound inside the Frank Gehry designed venue is superb. It is in your best interest to be prepared, so make sure your clapping skills for “Stash” have been practiced before you enter the venue.
1) Special Guests: No, we are not talking about the LA Philharmonic. It’s the Walt Disney Concert Hall. While it may be an hour (three with traffic) away from the actual Disney theme parks down in the OC, just think about the collaborations that could go down. From Ariel from The Little Mermaid rocking adinglehopper during Water In The Sky to Buzz Lightyear singing the submarine line from Time Turns Elastic, we could truly see some EPIC shit go down when Trey hits the heart of Los Angeles.

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