Antelope Greg on Twitter: What have we learned?

January 9, 2013 by TreyAntipasta

Everyone’s favorite rail riding, elbowing, every-show-going fan is on twitter. Antelope Greg, or @AGMcThugabobs has graced mortal Phish fans and all of Twitter with his presence. He’s been on for about a year, so we looked into his tweets and learned alot. Which brings us to a question….

What have we learned about Antelope Greg from his time on Twitter?

He LOVES 4square, but never seems to check in from the rail…

He’s Mr Miner’s chauffeur?

He tweets to Trey (who doesn’t?)

He has some weird charity and wants Shaq to help out

He’s making antelope pins!

He’s a Democrat (and spells yes and kid weird)

He needed GA west tickets and has a ‘nest egg’

He has become self-aware

Stay tuned for more hilarity from AG McThugabobs!

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