An Open Letter To Phish and Kevin Shapiro To Help Those In Need With Official 5/16/95 Release

May 15, 2019 by RobertPalmerPlore

Dear Phish and Kevin,

One of the strongest lyrics of the 3.0 era is There Must Be Something More Than This as we all vibrate with love and light in this crazy world of 2019. In an era of chaos and social media all of us have strong opinions and no matter how you feel about important issues we are all hurting. This is why you don’t need us to tell you that states Phish often visit and have thrown down historic shows such as Alabama, Ohio, and Georgia are oppressing women in ways Wilson could never imagine in his foul domain. This is why we are asking you as well as anyone who has ever laughed from one of our silly social media posts to lend a hand and help our fellow citizens.

We fully understand that parts of this conversation divides families and communities. Where The Phunion supports a woman and her right to choose we also are grateful for options like adoption which has blessed us with one of the most underrated drummers of the past three decades. Regardless of personal opinions, we can all agree that the laws these states are passing go beyond this debate and attack women for things out of their control. In Ohio, an 11 year old girl was raped and she is currently being forced to have her baby because of oppressive and unfair laws. Where men get off the hook for their part of impregnating their partners, women in Georgia will face up to 99 years in jail or death if they cross state lines to end a pregnancy. With every member of Phish having a daughter, if a woman locked up for 99 years in jail for her choice is not terrifying enough Georgia could charge any woman who has a miscarriage. Let that sink in. Your baby dies through no fault of your own and you could face jail time as a result. This is wrong and as a community we need to make sure no women ever goes to jail after losing her unborn child. This is why we are asking you to join us in support of those who are being oppressed by unjust and unfair laws.

To quote Sheldon Mopes from Death To Smoochy – you can’t change the world but you can make a dent. This is why we are calling on you to help make a dent for women across America. On May 16th 1995 you joined forces with Jennifer Trynin & Emergency Broadcast Network as well as Gloria Steinem to help victims of a family planning clinic shooting. A one set show, we here at The Phunion beg that you release the SBD of this night from nearly 24 years ago with the proceeds going towards a charity that you feel supports and lends a hand to women standing up for their rights.

Much like we have supported your past releases for Japan and Vermont, once this post goes live, we plan to donate $50 to Rainn in honor of not only that brave 11 year old girl in Ohio placed in an unimaginable situation, but all the women and children who are victims of rape and incest. Regardless of your choice to go ahead and release this to help women across the nation, we ask any fans of Phish/The Phunion to Rise Up/Come Together and donate whatever they can to any of these fine organizations.

National Organization of Women
Planned Parenthood

In creating this open letter we have also learned that many small clinics across America could use support. We encourage anyone who reads this to help support a local Women’s clinic if they feel so in their heart.

In the event anyone out there knows of another organization we are not aware of who can help fight for the good cause – please reach out via our Twitter of email us at

With Love,

The Phunion

P.S. Special thanks to the several members of this community who helped us with this letter. We appreciate all your stories and insight in crafting this the right way.

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