Al Schnier’s Toupee Fooling No One

September 5, 2011 by TreyAntipasta

Fans at moe.down XII were not fooled when guitarist Al Schnier stepped on stage Friday night wearing a toupee. Bald since his mid-20s, Schnier was greeted with feigned applause as they noticed the rug attached to his head.


Many in the crowd could not tell if it was a joke or not but Al didn’t let on that he was goofing on the crowd. Instead, he casually ran his fingers through the fake hair, scratched his head and brushed the hair out of his eyes, even when there was no hair to be moved.

“Seriously, Al is bald and NOW he wants to cover it up? Come on Al, we know you’re bald, we all do. Just sport the dome and quit kidding around,” noted moe. fan Lindsey Hakk. “This is just sad.”

During a rambunctious Lazurus, the toupee became unglued in the back and flopped around as Al jammed out the ending. Acting like nothing was out of the norm, he simple brushed the hair back from his eyes and reminded the crowd to pick up a piece of trash on the way out of the concert field, following a 35 minute session of announcements, messages and milestones that fans had given him to read.

Backstage Saturday afternoon, Al was still wearing the toupee. Conversations with fans resulted in Al skirting the issue and mentioning how great moe.down was. He continued to wear the hairpiece throughout the weekend, treating the postiche as though he had not been bald all these years.

Meanwhile, Chuck spent late Saturday night with adoring fans worshiping him as Satan.

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