August, 2018

  1. Recap: Curveball For Cleveland Clinic Children Clinic Strikes Out The Sadness

    August 18, 2018 by RobertPalmerPlore

    If you had told us three weeks ago that our insane idea to help some sick kids in Cleveland would be a far bigger success than the 11th Phish festival Curveball; chances are we would have laughed and called you another word that starts with the letter c. However, just shy of a week after announcing our campaign on JEMP Radio here we are overwhelmed by not only your generosity but the fact that our favorite band was forced to cancel their three day party due to a lack of clean water. So in the event you are feeling blue, here are a few of the highlights of our first (and without a doubt not the last) attempt to give back some of the love you make us feel every time you laugh at a tweet.

    As far as we can tell, Twitter user @kmmccorm didn’t even follow us last Sunday, yet he sent the clinic 47 copies of I Love You To The Moon and Back, completing the grand total of 50 that the clinic needed.

    The Quiz Daddy himself Scott Rogowsky gave the drive a heady 6pm shoutout during HQ Trivia. We were never so happy to be eliminated that night on a silly Kardashian question.

    Slight negative. We got next to no response on our Facebook page. We were offered to promote it but we would rather give that money to kids over that massive twat waffle Zuckerberg.

    We also had a type II Zito Curveball thrown our way that left our jaw on the ground much like Matt Holliday in game 5 of the 2012 NLCS. Twitter user @ErieGreenDeep held a raffle. For every $25 spent you had a chance to win a limited edition Baker’s Dozen poster. The winner (besides the Children of Cleveland) ended up being @kmmccorm. Talk about some serious Karma on a Soul Planet!

    Big thanks (and sorry I am sure we will forget a few folks) to the likes of YEMBlog, Phish Net, Brian from Downpour, Julia, and the pride of Cleveland – @stecks7.

    A few more stats for you:

    With a hefty price tag of $36.99 our community fulfilled the request for 10 washable watercolor paint sets with 16 colors per pack. With this set featuring 36 sets of 16 colors, we were able to donate over 300 watercolor kits.

    We went 10 for 10 on bead stress balls.

    We went 50 for 50 on a personal favorite of mine, Guess How Much I Love You.

    6 copies of Pie Face Showdown ended up in Cleveland this week. We apologize in advance for the mess.

    Plenty of other toys, books, teething items, DVD’s, and art supplies found their way to these children as well, all thanks to your generosity. We here at The Phunion simply can’t thank you enough for your generosity over this past week. Where we still encourage anyone who feels the urge to help to do so by clicking this link to the Clinic’s Amazon Wish List, we would like to leave you with a message from Cathy who works for Cleveland Clinic Children and was extremely helpful in setting this drive up with us.

  2. Curveball For Cleveland Clinic Children Campaign

    August 12, 2018 by RobertPalmerPlore

    2018 is a strange time to be alive. Donald Trump is President, Nazis show up at Phish concerts, and the Buffalo Bills played a football game in January. It is also a tough time to be alive for a lot of people out there. This is why we here at the Phunion decided to add to the strangeness of this bizarre year and actually do something that’s not offensive to jamband fans and/or D-list celebrities. We are proud to announce the Curveball for Cleveland Clinic Children Campaign.

    Where many of our jokes fail (who remembers Phunion Roast II?), we somehow have over 10,000 #RealFans on Twitter and Facebook (shout out to the 1,200 people who follow us on Instagram). Apparently some of our jokes must be halfway decent for us to have organically grown to those numbers over the past few years. At risk of sounding cliché, we are truly blessed to get giggles form many of you on a daily basis. This is why we are asking for your help to bring some much-needed smiles to some non jamband fans as our community gears up for the latest greatest Phish festival.

    You don’t need us to explain how difficult it is to have or be a young child who is sick; it’s far more depressing than Velvet Sea from Coventry. Where we may poke fun at some of the cheesy lyrics in 3.0 Phish classics like More and Soul Planet, the fact is many can use some love and light and we wanna see you help some sick kids on a Soul Planet.

    The clinic has set up an Amazon page with hundreds of books, toys, DVD’s, art supplies etc. If you look closely, some of the requested items have multiple quantities requested so if you want to buy 46 Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teeter’s you absolutely can. With dozens of items under $10 you can make a difference and still be able to afford a $14 beer at Curveball. If you are an Amazon Prime member shipping is free so you have NO excuse not to help these young children who are struggling.

    You can view the Cleveland Children Clinic wishlist by clicking here.

    Per the request of the clinic, please include your name and address as part of the note with your present. Per request of us, please let them know this present is with love and light from the Phish community.

    Again, we thank you for allowing us to be the obnoxious and offensive jack asses who still brag about being voted class clown Senior Year in High School. Let’s hope we cover the Cleveland Clinic Children with love and Amazon Prime packages the same way Phish fans cover concert venues with glowsticks.

  3. Victim Or The Crime: Dead and Company’s John Mayer Robbed in Beverly Hills

    August 11, 2018 by RobertPalmerPlore

    Steal Your Case, Steal Your Case, you got robbed and it’s a disgrace.

    John Mayer, the handsome front man of Dead and Company was the victim of not only a broken window (not to be confused with a Brokedown Palace) but had $100,000 to $200,000 of goods stolen from his home. In addition to musical equipment, TMZ reports that Mayer had a bunch of watches stolen as well.

    How Mayer makes sure to not blow past curfew at Lockn without his watches will be interesting, but safe to assume he will once again need to reunite with everyone not named Phil next summer to get some of that Live Nation cash.