January, 2016

  1. Watch An Emotional and Heartfelt Jam Cruise Performance From L4LM Founder Kunj Shah

    January 13, 2016 by RobertPalmerPlore

    With what appears to be a Lemmy (formerly known as jack and coke) in his hand, Live For Live Music founder Kunj Shah gave an emotional performance of his own theme song during the most recent incarnation of Jam Cruise.

    Wearing an afro wig in what appears to be an effort to look a little bit taller; the highly successful blogger who has been featured on such websites as Huff Post teamed up with the ivory tickle from Twiddle for the heartfelt performance. While some of the lyrics are slurred together sounding like late 1990’s Pantera, we do get a spelling lesson along with a vocal jam similar to one any librarian would make if you were being too loud in the library.

    While we wait for the pro-shot footage to emerge, enjoy the fan shot footage of the performance down below. While rumors of a late night Bonnaroo performance have been running rampant, as of press time there are no confirmed future performances from the team of Dempsey-Shah.