December, 2015

  1. Top 10 Rejected Phish NYE Gags

    December 27, 2015 by RobertPalmerPlore

    Phish New Years is a tough time for the band. How do they top last year’s New Year’s gag? Simple – they come up with a list and figure out which one sucks the least. Below is the 2015 list of rejected Phish New Years gags. Phish.news_

    10. Theme: “Mike Gordon’s Punch Out” – Mike faces off against each band member and knocks them out, ending the show with Mike singing “Mock Song” into 2016. Mike Gordon Band then plays a 40 minute “Ether” for the remainder of the set.

    9. The band spells out “Blaze On” using only Great White songs.

    8. #realfans are selected to hear Gamehendge performed in the Theater at Madison Square Garden, second set features notable Phish cover band “Phix.”

    7. Theme: Taylor Swift “Welcome to New York” with Page on vocals; Fishman is dressed up like the Statue of Liberty.

    6. Gordo films “Magic Mike 3” wearing just his bass and a scarf.

    5. Phish plays Twiddle’s “Plump” in its entirety.

    4. Theme: “Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan” with Clif Bars dropped from the ceiling and the audience sprayed with Cold Green Tea.

    3. Phish stuffs Antelope Greg into the cannon from Miami 2014 NYE and shoots him onto Twiddle tour.

    2. Reenactment of Eagles of Death Metal, Live at Bataclan.

    1. Something with Fluffhead.

  2. The Phunion’s Year in Lists

    December 24, 2015 by TreyAntipasta

    End of Year lists are stupid and played out. So here’s our list of the best of 2015 and what to look forward to in 2016!

    Top 25 Ways That Twiddle Will Use the Force in 2016

    The Top 13 crowdsourced interviews from L4LM

    Top 5 supergroups featuring Todd Stoops

    7 ways in which Bonnaroo will disappoint once again

    Four times Page ordered one sandwich for here and one to go

    Top 10 Songs That A Jedi Would Like

    Three times Joel Cummins made us laugh out loud rolling on the floor

    28 times “Tweezer” was ripcorded for “Backwards Down the Number Line”

    6 forgettable versions of “Brent Black”

    Three ways that Kunj Shah is the Ken Jeong of the jamband scene (you won’t believe #2!)

    4 times Barber forgot the lyrics to “House Dog Party Favor”

    Ten times we confused Mihali for Dave Matthews and Dave Matthews for Adam Durwitz

    8 ways to attend Gathering of the Vibes this summer

    Top 5 Tips for Safe Anal Lightsaber Play

    6 ways to de-wookify yourself after NYE with Papadosio

    Eight times that Trey’s guitar sounded like Alderaan exploding

    12 times we wondered if it was still Twist

    5 times we mistook Gordon for Chewbacca

    Top 10 Star Wars References in this list

  3. Fare Thee Well: The Top 12 Songs The Grateful Dead Should Have Let Trey Sing

    December 16, 2015 by RobertPalmerPlore

    Packing two separate NFL stadiums over five nights’s this summer; it is safe to say that Fare Thee Well was a raging success. From John Mayer and Katy Perry seeing their first Grateful Dead shows, to Phish keyboardist Page McConnell rocking a flat brim Mets cap, the celebration of 50 years of the Bay Area’s most successful band not named Metallica featured celebrities and #RealFans dancing to the biggest hits Jerry Garcia is no longer around to make cash off of.

    ©Jay Blakesberg

    ©Jay Blakesberg

    While we would never mock something as sacred and special as a jam band, one of the jokes that came out of these concerts was the Let Trey Sing movement. In honor of this highly popular t-shirt, we here at The Phunion have spent hours ignoring new releases from Deafheaven and Slayer to re-listen to every note performed at Fare Thee Well. We did this to bring you a year end list because that’s what blogs do this time of year. We give to you, the top 12 songs Trey Anastasio should have been allowed to sing at Fare Thee Well.

    12) Eyes of the World 6/28/15
    11) Friends of the Devil 7/4/15
    10) New Potato Caboose 7/3/15
    9) Shakedown Street 7/4/15
    8) Alligator 6/27/15
    7) Terrapin Station 7/5/15
    6) Unbroken Chain 7/5/15
    5) Franklin’s Tower 7/3/15
    4) Days Between 7/5/15
    3) Mountains On The Moon 7/5/15
    2) Bird Song 7/4/15
    1) Box of Rain 7/3/15

  4. Twiddle Releases PLUMP, The Best Twiddle Album of 2015

    December 11, 2015 by admin1

    We here at The Phunion™ have listened to a lot of music, seen a lot of shows, been to all the cool festivals and sniffed the best drugs a trust fund can afford. Occasionally, we find some music we detest (most of it) and let the world know it, but then we find some really great music and insist on fluffing that music ad infinitum.

    What a surprise it would seem when we came across a copy of Twiddle’s ‘PLUMP’, cranked the Bose, took a dab of some Bread Loaf and we were off and running. The boys and my girl and I listened to ‘PLUMP’ all the way through three times before we could put words together. When we were finally able to piece our lives together, the inspired music and lyrics flowed through us – we spoke Twiddle, the language of Mihali, the Great One.


    One thing about the album – so what if it rhymes with ‘Trump’, big deal! We don’t think that’s a drawback. It’s just funny, but nothing about this album is funny. It’s an emotional powerhouse, song after song of pure talent refined like maple syrup drawn from the sap of a mighty Vermont pine.

    “Complacent Race” and “Amydst the Mist” jump out and demonstrating Mihali’s rhyming skills so well you wonder when he’ll put out his first rap album. That’s soon right? One can only hope.

    An early contender for best pe/\k is when Mihali goes up the scale with his vocals, builds it up and hits that top note and you just #melt. “Lost in the Cold” is one of those tracks that just sticks in your head and you cannot get it out no matter what don’t even both trying its there for good. Thankfully, he takes all your pain.

    Realistically, “Five” should be “One”, as in the first track on the album – clearly this is the best track. Todd Stoops certainly adds something to this and man its good! “We are lost when we are found” – if that’s not the most profound lyric from a jamband, then boy man god shit we don’t know what is.

    “Syncopated Healing” is clearly the catchiest song on the album, and it cures any problems your life may have presented you with lately. Mihali shreds while spitting hot fire for 4:36.

    One must admit, the amount of pe/\king on this album is really incredible. All throughout, you can feel the pe/\ks coming and when the pe/\ks hit, you are truly pe/\ked. Without this album, one may never have known how to truly pe/\k in the presence of such talent. Truly, this album is a preparatory excursion into the world of pe/\k.

    Whoa, oh oh OH “Polluted Beauty” is awesome. We saw a really sick version this summer at Bonnaroo. Or maybe it was High Sierra? Or Red Rocks? IDK…. Twiddle has been everywhere and anywhere and they are truly ready to bust out and put Vermont on the musical map!

    Props to the final track, “White Light”, a truly uplifting end to the album. ‘PLUMP’ took off full blast from the ground up on the first notes of “Complacent Race”, and landed here, basking in the light. So fitting.

    It would have been nice to hear “Box” or “Apples” or even “Jamflowman” make this album. We’re new #realfans of Twiddle, so who knows if they’re on the old albums – this is the PLUMP Era. Nothing else before this should be considered for the supreme creation that it is. PLUMP is PERFECT.