November, 2013

  1. 23 Signs You Are Listening To Too Much Phish

    November 13, 2013 by RobertPalmerPlore

    Face it, we all love Phish. However, we all know a few individuals who simply don’t know when to say when. In honor of them, we have compiled a list of 23 signs you are listening to too much Phish.

    23. You named your Cactus Mike


    22. You skipped your father’s funeral so you could ride the rail during a mediocre 2.0 era performance.

    phish front row

    21. You have spent hours on Google maps looking at the freeways in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Freeway

    20. You have looked into adopting a wombat


    19. You have spent hours watching Justin Bieber videos on YouTube in hopes that Kanter sneaks in a Vultures tease.

    18. You signed up for Fantasy Football this year just so you could draft Russell Wilson

    russel willson

    17. You spent an entire hour with your shrink working out your anger issues over the loss of the rumor section on Andy Gadiel’s Phish Page.

    Psychiatrist's couch

    16. You convince yourself you have the power to officially ban people from Phish tour.

    phish cop final

    15. You cut off any car with a Phish sticker that you see in order to show off your stickers and that nifty Slave To The Traffic Light license plate frame
    phish sticker
    (Editor’s Note: We have never seen the above vehicle cut anyone off. We just think it’s a really cool picture)

    14. You hold art conventions at crappy hotels in Atlantic City

    phan art

    13. You went to a Dick’s Sporting Goods store and bought a soccer ball. You never used it, instead it sits in the back of your trunk next to your jumper cables.


    12. You go above and beyond the call of duty when taking care of your shoes

    take care of your shoes

    11. You skip important phone calls knowing that if you pause the LivePhish app, you will never make it through that Rock & Roll

    live phish fail

    10. You have started petitions urging Subway to create a special French Toast Monte Cristo $5 footlong in honor of Page McConnell


    (Note: You can sign our actual petition for this cause here.)

    9. You weren’t disappointed with the Halloween cover set or thought it would be uncool to say you were.


    8. You’ve slept with someone you met via twitter / “Twibe.”


    7. You enjoy anonymously making fun of Antelope Greg

    antelope greg final

    6. You have a playlist called “HeyScottyB’s favorite Harry Hoods of All-Time to be Learned and Memorized.”

    harry hood scotty b

    5. You’ve met Trey. On purpose. Like you followed him.


    4. Siri knows the difference between Phish and Fish

    siri phish

    3. You enjoy telling fans of the The Hangover that Todd Phillips also directed a Phish documentary.

    todd phillips

    2. You capitalize the word “Lot.”

    phish lot

    1. You only listen to Phish

    listen to phish