February, 2013

  1. Jon Fishman Leaves Phish For New Career

    February 8, 2013 by RobertPalmerPlore

    Despite the fact that Phish will celebrate 30 years together this year, it appears the band won’t be touring together in 2013.

    fishman golf

    According to a friend of a friend of that hitchhiker who stopped Jesus Christ with a hatchet, drummer Jon Fishman has left the popular rock group to pursue his new found love of Golf. Using the name Henrietta Tubbs, the drummer formerly known as Fishman is set to join the LPGA tour starting March 14th in Phoenix Arizona. When asked about his new career, Tubbs made allegedly made the following comments:

    “2012 was a year of inspiration. If the singer of Against Me! can become Joan Jett then why can’t I become the next Kathy Whitworth? I think everyone saw how great I was during the Runaway Golf Cart Marathon at MSG for New Years Eve. Who needs to hear Limb By Limb for the 14th time when they can hear me scream fore at the North Texas LGPA Shoutout in Irving, Texas?

    To see where you can catch Henrietta Tubbs in 2013, check out the official LPGA website.