February, 2012

  1. The tour continues in 2012, the whining never stops….

    February 29, 2012 by pages mistress

    Well now that Phish summer tour dates have arrived we see that they rightfully will be playing a plethora of shows on the east coast. Problem is not only do we have the annual summer tour, we also have the endless annual whining of the left coast fans. Seems nothing is ever good enough for the left. Always preaching about diversity and equality of more shows spread throughout the country only to still complain when they get their Colorado, California, and Washington dates. No this just isn’t good enough for the west coast. Nothing ever is. They always want more. Always looking for more handouts from phish with very little effort to show for it in return. Go get a real job and go on a real run on the east coast.

    Meanwhile phish should be congratulated for displaying the courage to reward the hardworking right coast fans. The conservative schedule throughout the east stays true to their ideals allowing the real dedicated fans to show up. Why should the east coast lose out on show dates when this fan base has continually come out to support a group throughout the years going back to the beginnings? Phish needs to close its borders and keep tickets at home on the east coast. We need to reduce big touring and wasteful spending. The east coast is where true fans belong and
    where phish needs to stay. So while the west coast will be crying in their heady beers this summer the east coast will rage on as always.

  2. Phish Summer Tour 2012. The 1% Gets Richer While The 99% Suffer

    February 29, 2012 by RobertPalmerPlore

    Phish Summer Tour Dates are out and that can only mean one thing; the out of touch and corrupt Phish camp has taken great pride and screwed over 99% to please the greedy 1%. Once again the rich and entitled boys from Vermont are focusing their energy by performing close to home and away from their most loyal of fans. Skipping over such highly populated locations including Denver, Dallas, Las Vegas, San Francisco and St. Louis; the Coran Capshaw managed nostalgia act have once again decided to play ¾ full amphitheatres to a crowd that has grown fat on a band who clearly does not give a fuck about anyone living west of the Mississippi river. Below I have gathered some facts that no main stream media wants to publish. PHISH HATES THE WEST COAST!!!!!!!

    By the time Phish wraps their summer 2012 tour, the 3.0 version of the band will have played no less than 80 times in the Eastern Time Zone while only performing a total of 15 shows in the Pacific Time Zone. Some additional stats for you to chew on, 36 shows will have been held in the state of New York, 11 shows in New Jersey, and 8 shows in Virginia and Massachusetts. As far as the Pacific Time Zone goes, four shows have been held at The Gorge which is a 2+ hour drive from either Seattle or Spokane 5 shows (Greek ‘09 and Tahoe ’11) were held at venues holding less than 10,000 people and one show was a headline set at a massive festival where phans had to sacrifice sets by Erykah Badu and The Shins in order to catch Phish.  That means the Pacific Time Zone has hosted a grand total of five headline shows in major metropolitan areas, and three of those (Berkeley) were next to impossible to obtain tickets for.

    As if this is not disturbing enough, we live in a day and age where Phish struggles to draw on their own home turf. Many 1% members mocked Festival 8 in remote Indio, California for only drawing 45,000 without taking into consideration that it was the only Phish festival held while school was in session. With estimates forSuperball IX festival maxing out at 40,000 attendees, the east coast festival had far less fans then Festival 8 in remote Indio, CA.  Venues like Hollywood Bowl and Shoreline when graced by Phish on weeknights have sold out in less than an hour while East Coast staples such as The Corporate Amphitheatre near Boston and Various Bank Amphitheatres in New Jersey have not sold out till day of show. Yet still no love from Mike, Trey, Page and Fish. Fuck, Trey hates the west coast so much, he can’t even remember what year the band recorded Hoist out here.

    Hell Phish has even ignores us for late night television appearances. With Conan now filming on the Warner Bros. Lot, Jay Leno a few blocks away at NBC and Jimmy Kimmel live in Hollywood every weeknight, the band has played it safe only appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s NYC filmed show since their reunion. We can already confirm that Phish will play Letterman again before they play Jimmy Kimmel Live because that’s just the Phish thing to do.

    One other thought to chew on. Why is it that Phish will offer East Coast pussies that can’t stay up to 1am on a weeknight a window of 48 hours to enjoy a Tahoe webcast, yet won’t allow west coasters who are often at work when an East Coast webcast kicks off the same option? IT’S BECAUSE THEY HATE THE WEST COAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If re-elected I call on President Barack “Llama” Obama to go after Phish and their camp of corrupt corporate puppets and demand that the band begins to perform more often out west. It’s not fair that 1% gets 99% of the Phish action.

  3. Dark Star Orchestra’s new ‘Jerry’ has middle finger amputated

    February 23, 2012 by TreyAntipasta

    In the interest of adding to the realism of the Dark Star Orchestra experience, new ‘Jerry’ Jeff Mattson recently underwent surgery to remove the middle finger of his right hand. “We aim for precision”, said Lisa Mackey, female lead vocalist for the renowned Grateful Dead tribute band. “It wasn’t something we asked him to do, but Jeff really took one for the team and I think it contributes to the group’s effort to capture the realness of the Grateful Dead experience.”

    When asked about the amputation experience, Jeff held up his hand emphatically and excitedly shared “Oh this is gonna be so awesome! I used to play like Jerry, now its gonna be perfect!” Wincing in pain as he strummed his guitar whistfully, Mattson teared up a bit, perhaps in pain or out of emotion. The operation was deemed a success, as Dr. Gabel sat down and talked to Jeff about the recovery period and that he shouldnt play guitar till the digit is healed and bandages are removed. Mattson replied, “Doctor? Doctor? Mister M.D., can you tell me, what’s ailing me?”. Gabel replied, “You had elective surgery to remove a finger. The situation’s gotten out of hand. You need to let it heal.” Mattson begrudgingly agreed, saying “It sure is nice to be back in the game.”

    There was no word if bassist Kevin Rosen was planning to have his liver removed, despite being in good health.

  4. Be Prepared: A Phish Heads Guide To The Walt Disney Concert Hall

    February 23, 2012 by RobertPalmerPlore

    By the time the Ginger Jedi known as Trey Anastasio walks onto the stage of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, it will have been 371 days since the Phish front man has last blessed the West Coast with a solo appearance.  Fortunate for us phans in the Pacific Time Zone, Mr. Anastasio will be joined by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Typically reserved for socialites and not wooks, we have put together a quick list of tips for the Walt Disney Concert Hall in order to maximize your experience.

    5) The Lot Scene: Walt Disney Concert Hall features plenty of underground parking for the low, low price of $9. With limited security, there is no reason us phans shouldn’t have this place hot boxed by 6:30.
    4) The Lobby Scene: Too smokey in the parking lot for you? Have no fear the Walt Disney Concert Hall has a wonderful lobby where eating and drinking is encouraged. Come early; bring your vegan snacks and a six pack of your favorite microbrew.
    3) $100 Bills: The staff at the Walt Disney Concert Hall takes their job very seriously. If they see as much as a cell phone out, they will swoop down upon you and yell at you. Knowing that this will make long respected Phish traditions like taping, nitrous and live tweeting difficult it is best that you bring Benjamin Franklin with you to keep your local usher far away.
    2) The Acoustics: The Walt Disney Concert Hall was built for music. The sound inside the Frank Gehry designed venue is superb. It is in your best interest to be prepared, so make sure your clapping skills for “Stash” have been practiced before you enter the venue.
    1) Special Guests: No, we are not talking about the LA Philharmonic. It’s the Walt Disney Concert Hall. While it may be an hour (three with traffic) away from the actual Disney theme parks down in the OC, just think about the collaborations that could go down. From Ariel from The Little Mermaid rocking adinglehopper during Water In The Sky to Buzz Lightyear singing the submarine line from Time Turns Elastic, we could truly see some EPIC shit go down when Trey hits the heart of Los Angeles.