1000th Phish Blog Started, Discussing Phish Lighting Director Chris Kuroda’s Wardrobe at Sunday Phish Shows

March 27, 2011 by TreyAntipasta

A record 1000th Phish Blog was started this week, discussing the Sunday attire of Lighting Director Chris ‘CK5’ Kuroda. The site -http://www.lightingupkuroda.blogspot.com/ – will have discussions each week regarding the clothing selections of Chris Kuroda. Site founder, Mike Chatham cited “a deep interest in Kuroda’s best day of the week, Sunday.”

When Phish isn’t on tour or a Sunday is skipped on tour, suggestions will be fielded from the fans regarding the clothes they would like to see Chris wearing when he is at the board.

Kuroda was reported to be flattered by the blog, noting “I’ll take their suggestions but simply ask that if I choose to wear a suggestion, that person needs to bring me the head of one of those laser-pointer guys.”

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