King Wilson: I Fucking Hate Glowsticks

December 18, 2011 by TreyAntipasta

King Wilson, the evil ruler of all of Prussia and Gamehendge, Duke of Lizards and general all around douche weighed in on issue of Glowsticks at Phish shows.

“I Fucking Hate Glowsticks! Seriously, these things are the worst. I’m at a show, they play YEM and they go flying. I’m usually on the floor FOB near the rogue tapers and those god damn sticks come flying. It makes me so angry I want to punch a n00b, right in his fucking eye. Yeah, I’ve done that before too. Not proud of myself, but I did it!”

Phish fans have recently discussed the merits of Glowsticks at shows, as a planned event to START the 12/28 show has garnered hundreds of attendees via the Facebook event page but at the same time has led to increased conversation among Phish fans as to the purpose of Glowsticks at shows. Some think they are cool, some think they are annoying, but with the support of King Wilson it is clear that the anti-Glowstick crowd has gained a major endorsement.

“Anyone who agrees with me is cool. If you don’t like Glowsticks, we can hang before the show, eat some molly, rip lines, punch n00bs, whatever the fuck ya want. I roll heavy and don’t take shit from no one. We rage in ways that are unheard of yet.”

Wilson continued, “You know Dave Anver? That guy is a fucking pussy compared to me!”

Harping on his hatred of Glowsticks, he even continued to add credence to the rumor that dub-step DJ Skrillex is the product of improper Glowstick use. “I heard Skrillex ate a glowstick before he started producing that god awful shit fuck music he makes. Serves him right. Fuck him too.”

It seems that fans of Glowsticks have their work cut out for them on 12/28, with a vocal opponent leading the fans who hate Glowsticks. ‘No i cant have fun!”

“And if Phish plays anything less than a 8 minute Tube, shit is gonna get REAL!”

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  1. TELA & the Lizards says:


    Dnnn,Dnnn, Dn, Dn.

    I’m sorry you do not see the beauty of lazerbeams flying at your head.


    Tela, McGrupp, Col Forbin, Harpua, Jimmy, Harry, Multibeasts, David Bowie, Easter, Reba,Alex, Carini,Caspian,ebenezer, charleen, Dr. Gabel, Doug, Floyd, Suzy Greenburg, Halley, Billy, Leigh Fordham, Jennifer, Jill, Joy, Lil, Lucy, Man Mulcahey, Jezmund, Jim, Pete, Vanessa, Otis Redding, Sloth, Possum, Llama, Night Nurse, PRoud Mary, Errand Wolf, Roger Wolf, Mr. Palmer, Famous Mockingbird, Icculus, Posternutbag, Goldfish, Alleycats, bees, Camel, Ocelot, Mouse, Milly, Mule, Rat, RHino, Seaglass, worms, Chimpanzee, dogs, hedgehog, sharks sheep, slug, snails, Antelope, baboon, buffalo, cheetah, dove, ewe, lambs, kangeroo, horse, monkey, monster, moose, moth, herbivores, mudrats, whales, gators and the LIZARDS.

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